Sunday, September 19

Any Parent's Proudest Moment

They day I have waited my parental life for has finally come! (rolls eyes with sarcasm) I am so proud of the fact that the little people have discovered none other than the fabulous Lady Gaga.

I blame Neal (hey, he isn't here to defend himself so he seems like a logical choice).Truth be told, I have been a closet Gaga fan for a while now. However, I keep her influence to a minimum through the ipod earphones while I run. As far as I know, the little people were not exposed to Gaga until Daddy played it and hosted his own dance party. Those of you who know my husband are probably chalking this all up to a lie right about now. I'm here to tell you that Neal Simpson himself rocks out to Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Pink. I'm really so proud of his taste in music. :) Nature or nurture...I present the fabulous Gaga inspired dance party.


rlrlfamily said...

Connor needs to teach me some of those dance moves for the ball this year.

Anonymous said...

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